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Release Date & Server Trailer
14 days ago

Hello everyone.

We're proud to announce that the release date of the server is on the 29th of March which is only a few days away! The time of release is 2PM EST. All users will be able to connect and play on this day. A specific time is yet to be decided so will keep this post updated when we have that. If you'd like to stay updated with development plans and server changes join our discord, discord.minerel.net

Also, we worked with an awesome trailer creator to bring you an amazing final touch to our release. You can watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/HZYH9foGdOU

Thank you!

Owner's Introduction
26 days ago

Welcome all, I personally want to say thanks to everyone that’s here with us so far. I never thought I would be creating a Minecraft server but here I am with two of my best friends/admins who have made this possible.  I’ve personally worked on the server for nearly **200+ hours** in an effort to try make the server what it is. From where I stand, I’m certain that the server is enjoyable and has a community vibe that players who join us will love. 

When I first set to create a server, I didn’t want others to think that it’s ‘yet another server’. I asked myself what would stand to be unique. That’s when I asked myself, what if we can bring a **survival realistic concept?** I couldn’t find one a server that was decent enough so here we are. 

Over the weeks, we’re going to head for the release. The admin team have decided somewhere at the start/mid April. The date is yet to be set and you’ll know as soon as we know that. Will try our best to get people on and have all the knowledge base you need ready at hand. 

Server release in April!
about 1 month ago

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/vTb8rkQ

Welcome to the Minerel Network Website! 

We hope you enjoy your stay and find all the information here useful. Will regarualy update the forums and stay in touch to ensure everyone knows what's happening with the release!

What's Minerel? The mission that the incredible team that make Minerel possible is to work with mechanics and alter them to make them more intresting. The grounds up of the network is the idea of having realism (e.g Hydration). The team wants to deliver a server that takes the concept of 'Survival' by making it more intresting. 

We're set to release in April and we simply cannot wait. You can stay in touch with the team by joining the Discord (link above)

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