Welcome to MinerelMC

Welcome to the Minerel Network Website!  We hope you enjoy your stay and find all the information here useful. Unlike many other servers, we wanted to be unique with the way we deliver content to our users. Therefore, this website is built-off completely custom and will be reguarly updated with new updated information that we hope you engage with!

By the time you've probably read this, the Minerel Network has released. The mission that the incredible team that make Minerel possible is to work with mechanics and alter them to make them more intresting. The grounds up of the network is the idea of having realism (e.g Hydration). The team wants to deliver a server that takes the concept of 'Survival' by making it more intresting. We really think we've created something unique and worth diving into so go ahead and join us, play.minerel.net.

See you there, thanks!